Wooden cupboard for shoes

ideal for small spaces


  • Dimensions: 70cm (W) X 100 cm (H) X 30 cm (D)
  • Very practical as it takes up very little space, does not need extra space for opening doors and can be placed anywhere!!
  • Adjustable bars depending on the size of the shoes (children, men, etc.) 
  • Manufactured from high quality materials by Μελαμίνη 18mm.
  • Adequate ventilation
  • It can be mounted hanging on the wall.
  • It can be mounted in conjunction with other models of wooden cupboards, one above the other, creating a composition closet according to dimensions and taste of the customer.
  • Assorted colors of wood and plastic, possibility of different combination among colors of wood and plastic roll-top.


Compact & Functional


Although small in size, they fully exploiting the space they occupy. With just 40cm depth without door opening (thanks vertical sliding roll-top), they can be placed almost anywhere.

Competitive price


Competitive price without lacking in quality.

Practical & adequate storage capacity


Thanks to adjusted bars they can be stored even large sizes of shoes, fully utilizing the capacity of each shoe-cupboard. Now each pair will have its own place.

Variety of colours


You can make different combinations of colors between roll-top and wooden structure.