Mini-kitchen 125 with small oven 28lit

kitchen with small oven without refrigerator
Technical Data for electrical appliances

Mini-kitchen KS125 with small oven 28lit

Description of mini-kitchen

  •  Melamine 18mm wrapped with ABS.
  • Water resistant kitchen top P5, HPL

It includes:

  • ΙΝΟΧ Hood with active coal filter  (No need for exhaust).
  • Electrical hob Κ100 with 2 rapid plates 1500watt & 2000watt.
  • Small oven 28lit
  • Stainless sink with drainer.
  • Kitchen tap  (cold-hot).
  • INOX plate holder and a plate underneath the plate holder to collect the spoilt water.
  • INOX (stainless steel) tube with S-hooks for kitchen towels & kitchenware.
  • Rubbish bin.
  • Eletric socket.
  • Pieces of stainless steel to protect the mini-kitchen from the spoilt water, perimetric from the sink in height of 33 cm.
  • Pipes.
  • INOX basket for cutlery.
  • Sheet of aluminum at the bottom of the cupboard of the sink for absolute protection form spoilt water.
  • A roll top which is pulled down and hides everything behind making the mini-kitchen wonderful, invisible and capable to be located in any place.
  • BIG ADVANTAGE: Each piece is unique which is assembled and makes a whole mini-kitchen. As a result we can replace each piece any time so the price is lower and we have a wonderful, new and attractive kitchen for ever.
  • Dimensions 125 cm Χ 209 cm Χ 65cm

Compact & Smart


Although compact and in small dimensions, mini-kitchens include all the electrical appliances and accessories that a normal kitchen requires.

Portability & Easy Installation


Each mini-kitchen is consisted of separate parts which are assembled on the spot. All mini-kitchens can be assembled and unassembled any time, without requiring special preparation (e.g. installation of kitchen tiles) and without tying down the space on which are installed. Their installation is very easy as there is full documentation with instructions and video for extra support.

Cheap delivery & Support


Cheap delivery, as the total volume of an average mini-kitchen is only 0,72m3 (model KS125). Cheap after sales service support, as we never replace the whole mini-kitchen but only the unique damaged parts.



Over 20 years experience in production of mini-kitchens. ISO 9001:2008