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electrical appliances with technical information
ΙΝΟΧ hood 1 motor

ΙΝΟΧ hood 1 motor

Dimensions: 60cm (width) Χ 14 cm (height) Χ 48,5cm (depth)
Full stainless steel hood with 1 motor & washable active carbon filters. More

refrigerator SILVER S112 A++

Refrigerator SILVER S112 A++

Dimensions 54,5cm (W) Χ 84,5cm (H) Χ 56,6 cm (D).  Refrigerator 109it, Energy class Α++, 4 star, auto defrost. More

SILVER hob Inox domino-k100

Inox domino hob – SILVER K100

Dimensions 28cm (W) Χ 48cm (H) Χ 32cm (D).
IΝΟΧ (stainless steel) domino hob with 2 rapid cooking plates 1500 & 2000watt More

SILVER-Κ120 ceramic hob

Ceramic domino hob SILVER Κ120

Dimensions 30cm (W) Χ 50 cm (H) Χ 50cm (D).
Ceramic domino hob with INOX (stainless steel) frame with 2 rapid cooking plates 1200 & 1800watt κ.τ.λ. More

ΙΝΟΧ hood 2 motors

ΙΝΟΧ hood with 2 motors

Dimensions 60cm (W) Χ 14 cm (H) Χ 48,5 cm (D).
Full stainless sink with 2 motors and washable aluminum filters. More

SILVER S122 refrigerator 212Lit


SILVER S212 refrigerator 212Lit

Dimensions 54,2cm (W) Χ 144 cm (H) Χ 56,6 cm (D) Refrigerator 212it, Εenergy class Α, 4 star, auto defrost. More